2010 Conference

2010 Conference
Implications for Toxicology, Medicine, and Risk Assessment
April 27 – 28, 2010




2010 Outstanding New Investigator: Qiang Zhang Despite his extensive biomedical training, Dr. Qiang Zhang has always thought of himself as a physicist or engineer. He started his career by studying for an M.D. degree in Harbin Medical University, China from 1988 to 1995. He then came to the United States to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Physiology at the University ...

2010 Outstanding Career Achievement: Myron Pollycove Dr. Pollycove began his biomedical research in 1951 at the US Army Chemical Center with two-year establishment of the cause of non hemorrhagic fatal traumatic shock. Hematology research began in 1953 at Boston VA Hospital using Chromium-51 and Iron-59 to quantify iron and red cell kinetics in normal subjects and patients. This research was ...

2010 Outstanding Leadership Award: Carmel Mothersill Prior to 2003 Dr Mothersill ran the Radiation and Environmental Science Centre at the Dublin Institute of Technology, a centre which she and her husband Dr Seymour founded and developed. At the time of moving to Canada the centre had trained over 30 PhD students in radiobiology and was at the forefront of research in ...

Expert Commentaries

A Novel Model for the Cytotoxicity of Insoluble Metallic Nanoparticles

Alcohol Show Hormetic Characteristics on Development of Zebrafish Embryos

Alcohol Show Hormetic Characteristics on Development of Zebrafish Embryos

Brain Adaptation and Hormesis

Brain Adaptation and Hormesis

Cancer Mortality in Low versus High Elevation Counties in Texas

Cognitive Activation by Deep Brain Stimulation: The Yerkes-Dodson Law Revisited

Cortisol Exhibits Bi-Directional Control of Human Inflammatory Responses in Vivo

Default Low-Dose Linearity for All Endpoints? Implications for Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Dose Response of MenaInv Cells to Different Dilutions of Arsenic Trioxide Followed by Ionizing Radiation

Effects of Ethanol on the Behavior of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Generic Hockey-Stick Model for Unbiased Benchmark-dose and Net-potency Estimation

Hormesis and Exercise: Support for an Inverted-U Response to Acute and Chronic Work

Peter Bergold

Low-Dose Cardiotonic Steroids Increase Sodium-Potassium ATPase Activity and Prevent Hippocampal Neuronal Loss from Experimental Ischemia

New Evidence for the Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications by LDR: Potential Clinical Application

The alcohol and NPC Meta-Analysis in the Context of Other Dose-Response Relationships vs. Alcohol and Other Outcomes



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