2011 Conference

2011 Conference
Implications for Toxicology, Medicine, and Risk Assessment

April 26 – 27, 2011




2011 Outstanding New Investigator: Marc A. Nascarella, PhD Marc A. Nascarella, PhD Outstanding New Investigator Dr. Marc A. Nascarella is a toxicologist at Gradient (Cambridge, MA) and specializes in comprehensive chemical evaluations for use in human health risk assessments, product safety evaluations, and litigation support. He is also active in Gradient’s Nanotoxicology Practice where he writes quarterly articles for various trade publications, and has recently ...

2011 Outstanding Career Achievement: Jerry Milton Cuttler DSc, PEng Jerry Milton Cuttler DSc, PEng Outstanding Career Achievement Dr. Cuttler received his BASc-Eng degree (1964) in engineering physics from the University of Toronto and his MSc and DSc degrees (1967 1971) in nuclear sciences and engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology. Until 1974, he managed a radiation detector company. At Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, he led ...

Expert Commentaries

Biphasic dose response in low level light therapy

Breast and ovarian cancer risks

Cancer rates and geographical elevation

Hormesis and the Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development

Hormesis based anti-aging products: a case study of a new cosmetic

Invalid LNT assumption and radiation

Low dose effects in radiobiology and environmental radiation protection

Surgical stress and the heat shock response

The sandpile model : optimal stress, complexity and hormesis