2010 Awards

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The International Dose-Response Society is proud to announce the recipients of the annual awards for Outstanding Leadership, Outstanding Career Achievement and Outstanding New Investigator. These awards are presented to individuals in each category who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Dose Response. Congratulations to all!

2010 Outstanding New Investigator: Qiang Zhang2010 Outstanding New Investigator: Qiang Zhang

Despite his extensive biomedical training, Dr. Qiang Zhang has always thought of himself as a physicist or engineer. He started his career by studying for an M.D. degree in Harbin Medical University, China from 1988 to 1995. He then came to the United States to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Physiology at the University ...

2010 Outstanding Career Achievement: Myron Pollycove2010 Outstanding Career Achievement: Myron Pollycove

Dr. Pollycove began his biomedical research in 1951 at the US Army Chemical Center with two-year establishment of the cause of non hemorrhagic fatal traumatic shock. Hematology research began in 1953 at Boston VA Hospital using Chromium-51 and Iron-59 to quantify iron and red cell kinetics in normal subjects and patients. This research was ...

2010 Outstanding Leadership Award: Carmel Mothersill2010 Outstanding Leadership Award: Carmel Mothersill

Prior to 2003 Dr Mothersill ran the Radiation and Environmental Science Centre at the Dublin Institute of Technology, a centre which she and her husband Dr Seymour founded and developed. At the time of moving to Canada the centre had trained over 30 PhD students in radiobiology and was at the forefront of research in ...