2013 Outstanding Career Achievement Award: Reinhard Wetzker

Reinhard Wetzker

Education: Diploma Biochemistry, University Halle, Germany, 1975; Ph.D. Biochemistry, University Moscow, 1978.

Current Position: Head of the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology, Center for Molecular Biomedicine, University Hospital, Jena, Germany.

Research Areas: Molecular Cell Biology, Signaling Research, Inflammatory Stress Responses.

Professional Employment: Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Biochemistry, University Hospital Jena, 1978-1992; Postdoctoral fellowship, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London, 1989-1990; Group leader Max Planck Society, Research Unit “Molecular Cell Biology”, 1992-1997; C3 Professorship for “Medical Molecular Biology”, University Hospital Jena, 1994-2004; W3 Professorship University Hospital Jena, since 2005.

Professional Affiliations: Speaker of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 197 “Bio-und Modellmembranen” in Jena, 1996-2001; Coordinator of the European Union founded collaborative project (FP 6) “Alleviation of chronic inflammatory diseases”, 2001-2005; Member of the Managing Board of the “Jena Centre for Bioinformatics”, since 2001; Speaker of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 604 “Multifunctional Signaling Proteins”, 2002-2009; Speaker of the Research Training Group 1715 “Molecular Signatures of Adaptive Stress Responses”, since 2012.

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