2009 Conference

2009 Conference
Implications for Toxicology, Medicine, and Risk Assessment

April 28 – 29, 2009




2009 Outstanding New Investigator: Regina Belz2009 Outstanding New Investigator: Regina Belz

Dr. Belz studied Agricultural Engineering with specialization in plant production at the University of Hohenheim (1992-1998), in Stuttgart, Germany. Her diploma thesis dealt with the release of phytotoxins from plant mulches and its use for practical weed control. This was the first time she encounted with dose-response studies and the phenomenon of hormesis caused by ...

2009 Outstanding Career Achievement: Ludwig Feinendegen2009 Outstanding Career Achievement: Ludwig Feinendegen

Feinendegen, Ludwig Emil, M.D. Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Biology. Education: Cologne University, Germany, M.D. 1947-52. – Postgraduate medical training in Germany and USA, 1952-58 (Ventnor Foundation 1953-55). Current Position: Professor (emeritus), Nuclear Medicine, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany, 1993- . – Research Collaborator, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, USA, 1998-. Research Areas: Molecular nuclear medicine, radiation-biology. – ...

2009 Outstanding Leadership Award: Jim Muckerheide2009 Outstanding Leadership Award: Jim Muckerheide

Massachusetts State Nuclear Engineer – since 1990 President, Radiation, Science, and Health – since 1996 Co-Director, Center for Nuclear Technology and Society at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA – 1997-2006 Mr. Muckerheide was Senior Engineer and Project Manager in design, construction, safety analysis, licensing, and environmental and health effects for nuclear power; he was an independent consultant ...

Expert Commentaries

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Photos from the 2009 Conference