International Dose-Response Society Awards

2017 Awards

The International Dose-Response Society is proud to announce the Recipients of the annual awards for Outstanding Career Achievement, Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding New Investigator.  These Awards are presented to individuals in each category who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Dose-Response.

This year’s awards go to Suresh Rattan for Outstanding Career Achievement, Walter J. Kozumbo for Outstanding Leadership, and Christopher Thome for Outstanding New Investigator. Congratulations to All!

2017 Outstanding Career Achievement: Suresh Rattan2017 Outstanding Career Achievement: Suresh Rattan

Suresh Rattan, Ph.D., D.Sc. heads the Laboratory of Cellular Ageing, at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark. He is the recipient of the Lord Cohen Medal in Gerontology from the British Society for Research on Ageing, an Honorary Doctorate from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and is the present Chairman ...

2017 Outstanding Career Achievement: Walter J. Kozumbo2017 Outstanding Career Achievement: Walter J. Kozumbo

Walter J. Kozumbo, Ph.D., After graduating from Princeton University (AB, 1967), Walt taught science and coached sports for nearly a decade at the Gilman School, Baltimore, MD.  During this time, he earned a Master’s degree in biology from Purdue University (MS, 1972) and another in Liberal Arts (MLA, 1976) from Johns Hopkins University.  Excited by ...

2017 Outstanding Career Achievement: Christopher Thome2017 Outstanding Career Achievement: Christopher Thome

Christopher Thome, Ph.D.,  After receiving a bachelor of medical sciences degree from the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Thome went on to study at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where he received a master’s degree in health and radiation physics and a PhD in medical physics, under the supervision of Dr. Douglas Boreham. Currently, Dr. ...