2009 Outstanding Leadership Award: Jim Muckerheide

Massachusetts State Nuclear Engineer – since 1990
President, Radiation, Science, and Health – since 1996
Co-Director, Center for Nuclear Technology and Society at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA – 1997-2006

Mr. Muckerheide was Senior Engineer and Project Manager in design, construction, safety analysis, licensing, and environmental and health effects for nuclear power; he was an independent consultant on ERDA/DOE Nuclear Waste Management Programs, Regulatory Affairs, and TMI Lessons-Learned and Management Response.

As head of Engineering Services managing A/E and engineering contractors he: developed utility engineering capacity to assume engineering control, engineered and developed document control systems and comprehensive configuration management programs integrating design, construction, operations, training, and document control.

He performed NRC regulatory actions for Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee, and Seabrook; he was the NRC State Liaison Officer designee and was on the Massachusetts Governor’s Advisory Council on Radiation Protection producing data demonstrating that low dose radiation is not harmful. He teaches nuclear courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA.

He is the president of Radiation, Science, and Health an international non-profit of independent experts applying science to health effects to change radiation protection policy in the public interest.

Mr. Muckerheide was the co-director (1997-2006) of The Center for Nuclear Technology and Society at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA which conducts research and education on public policies and the benefits and costs of nuclear technologies on public decision processes that fail to make effective decisions on objective technical and public interest analyses.