In 2005 the International Dose-Response Society was created in response to the growing number of scientists, including toxicologists, pharmacologists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, occupational and environmental medical researchers, and others who have shown interest in better understanding the nature of the dose response in the low dose zone.

The Society is dedicated to the enhancement, exchange, and dissemination of ongoing global research efforts concerning underlying mechanisms of dose dependent transitions in the low dose zone as maybe seen in threshold and hormesis dose-response models.

The Society is also particularly interested in better understanding adaptive responses, their mechanistic basis and how their up-regulation may affect the nature of the dose response in the low dose zone.

The Society strongly encourages the assessment of the implications of such low dose responses in toxicology, risk assessment, risk communication, medicine, numerous areas of biomedical research, and all other biological disciplines including relevant engineering domains dealing with the dose response.

The International Dose-Response Society is administered by the School of Public Health & Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.